Away For A While (2005)

Nowadays contemporary jazz often seems to be about playing and composing in a very complicated and intellectual way. It seems that very few jazz musicians dare to play a simple melody at all. Why is that? Does the term “new” necessarily have to mean sophisticated and beyond common understanding? Shouldn’t music always be connected to emotion and imagination? And doesn’t a strong melody rather than a sophisticated and impressive structure possess the power to take us away, to make our minds travel – to other places, other times, or simply to forget about everything? There’s maybe more strength in very simple and clear things than in anything else. Some things can be said best only with a few words and maybe this can be applied to music as well – so that some things could be expressed best only with a few notes…
We hope you’ll enjoy our music and that some of our notes and melodies on this CD might take you “Away For A While”.

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